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 To boost your metabolism, eat healthy and correct diets.


Causes Of Hypothyroidism And Treatment Options Available

Hypothyroidism is a underactivity of the thyroid gland. This can happen because of an immune deficiency or autoimmune reaction. There are also several causes for Hypothyroidism, which include radioactive iodine, goiter, chronic liver disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, cancer, and pregnancy. Hypothyroidism has affected 1.2 million people worldwide and is almost ten times more common in women…

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Dieting Mind Power – How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

I am going to share with you one very powerful technique that you can use in your efforts to lose weight. You see what you mind can do when you are trying to create a new habit or change a behavior.

Now you probably already have in your mind about all the things you want to do when you lose weight and write those down in a book, including recipes that you would eat if you could only lose the weight and do whatever you want to do if you could only get rid of your extra…

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The Results of Fast Metabolism Diet

The Fast Metabolism Diet isn’t for everyone and at times it can definitely be tough to stick to it, but the Fast Metabolism Diet results will go way beyond simply losing weight. You’ll learn how to be more conscious….

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Weight Loss

How to Turn On the Metabolism to Burn Fat Quickly

How to turn on the metabolism to burn fat is an important question to ask while looking at your weight loss efforts. After all, burning more calories than you consume would be the key to weight loss.


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Eat More Food and Lose More Weight Review “2 Week Diet” (French Version)

 Almost everyone who wishes to lose weight will go on diet. That means they will starve themselves and eat very less. Believing that the less they will eat the faster they will lose weight. But can anyone tell us how many people are successful in this technique?


The Paleo Diet – Is it Something You Should Try to Lose Weight?

For several years now, people have been on the Paleo diet. Opinions still vary as to its status as a “fad diet” or not. The Paleo diet’s core idea is sound, but its practices are iffy at best.


What is Prop 65 and Why is it on My Supplement Bottle?

Officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, California lawmakers passed the first Proposition 65 law to warn consumers or users when a product contained one or more ingredients known to cause cancer. An updated version of this law went into effect on August 31, 2018. The new law requires manufacturers to list at least one chemical in the product that might be harmful to consumers.

The Main Tips Of Metabolism

How to Increase Metabolism Naturally? Boosting Your Metabolism With Diet and Exercise

You have undoubtedly seen many articles in magazines and online that tell you how to increase your metabolism naturally. In most cases they say that you simply need to eat a healthy, varied diet during the day and snack on a healthy breakfast or lunch throughout the day. They will even tell you how often to do this depending on what your current body fat percentage is. They are almost always wrong!


The Secrets for a Faster Metabolism

All the chemical reactions in the body are described by the term “metabolism”. The purpose of these chemical reactions is to keep the body functioning and lively. There is another term that is used in this regard and it is known as “Metabolic Rate”.


Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes and Tips

The Fast Metabolism Diet claims it can break your habit of following low-calorie diet plans that often end in cheating, or immediate weight gain once the dieter goes back to eating a diet of processed, full-fat foods. Consisting of three phases when following the fast metabolism diet recipes, you’ll avoid foods that can cause inflammation, irritation or insulin resistance.


How High-Protein Foods Increase Metabolism?

Do you want to lose weight? The most effective way of doing so is speeding up your metabolism. It is the best way by which you can burn more calories. In order to increase metabolism, you have to eat high-protein foods.


What is the Better Food for Metabolism?

One factor that one needs to consider when trying to lose weight is one’s metabolism. Metabolism is the chemical process that all living organisms need to live and survive. This is the process of converting food or nutrients collected by the body which is digested then converted as fuel and energy to keep the body going.

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