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Ten Surprising Diets You Didn’t Know About


When it comes to shedding weight and getting fit and/or healthy, you are not at a loss for diet plans to choose from. In fact, you’re probably bombarded with the latest trends in dieting each day via your social media page, and more, which may or may not work for your specific body type. However, if you are unsatisfied with your current diet plan, or you just want to try a new way of doing things, there are ten surprising diets you didn’t know about that can take your dieting efforts to the next level and may even have you starting the latest diet trend with the results.

The Flexitarian Diet

The Flexitarian Diet encourages eating mostly plant-based foods while allowing meat and its bi-products in moderate amounts, which is just perfect for those who enjoy the health benefits of a vegan diet but don’t like the idea of entirely giving up meat.

The Whole30 Diet

The Whole30 Diet is a 30-day diet plan that eliminates all inflammatory causing beverages and foods from your diet, such as dairy and processed foods, and instead replaces them with three clean meals a day to help decrease bloating, increase energy, and more.

The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet, also known as the alkaline ash diet and the acid-alkaline diet, centers around the notion that foods you consume contain alkaline and acid that can alter the pH of your body, which can make you more susceptible to illness and disease. Therefore, it focuses on a diet of protective alkaline ash foods, such as fruits, nuts, and vegetables, to alkalize your body and improve your overall health and is even utilized by celebrities like Kate Hudson for its health benefits.

The TLC Diet

The TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) Diet is a heart-healthy diet that solely focuses on foods that help lower your cholesterol, which helps decrease your risk of stroke and heart disease. It works by replacing foods with high or bad fats and cholesterol with foods that are low in cholesterol and contain good for you fats for improved heart health.

The HCG Diet

The HCG Diet is a strict diet that claims it can cause fast weight loss of up to 2 pounds per day and without you feeling hungry in the process. On the plan, individuals take HCG, which is a hormone produced early in pregnancy that can increase metabolism and cause extreme weight loss in non-pregnant individuals, in combination with a 500 calorie a day diet to promote fast weight loss.

The Volumetrics Diet

The Volumetrics Diet swaps high-density foods for low-density foods that fight hunger, so you get more out of what you eat, which in turn helps you adhere to a healthy lifestyle centered on nutritious meals and daily exercise.

The Brown Fat Diet

The Brown Fat Diet is a 4-week diet plan that eliminates yellow fats, which is thought to make you flabby and soft, and instead replaces it with good, healthy brown fats, which is said to make your body firm and supple. In addition, participants switch between protein days and carb days, which include lean proteins, whole grain bread and pasta, and starchy vegetables and fruits, and they are allowed one free day.

The Blood Type Diet

The Blood Type Diet is a diet that incorporates eating based on your blood type to help you get healthier and slim down. The notion is that certain foods react chemically with your blood type; therefore, eating for your blood type will help you lose weight, digest food better, help prevent disease, and increase your energy.

The Military Diet

The Military Diet is a 3-day plan that incorporates a stringent low-calorie diet of specifically set foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which includes canned tuna, hard-boiled eggs, vegetables, fruits, bread, and more. After three days, you resume eating normal healthy foods and then repeat the 3-day diet as often as needed to lose additional weight.

The O2 Diet Plan

The O2 Diet plan is a 32-day diet plan that incorporates foods rich in antioxidants to help you lose weight and remain ageless. On the plan, you eat antioxidant-rich foods like artichokes, blueberries, leafy greens, herbs, spices, and salmon. Furthermore, instead of counting calories, you simply count the oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORC) of foods, which tells you how high they are in antioxidants. The higher the score, the better.

In the end, there is no shortage of diet plans out there to help you lose weight and get healthy. However, for a new take on dieting, which may even make your dieting efforts more exciting and help you stick with it, try beginning or swapping your current program with one of these ten surprising diets you didn’t know about for a healthy new twist on life.

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