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The Secrets for a Faster Metabolism

All the chemical reactions in the body are described by the term “metabolism”. The purpose of these chemical reactions is to keep the body functioning and lively. There is another term that is used in this regard and it is known as “Metabolic Rate”. It is simply the number of calories we burn. Higher the metabolism, the more calories we will burn and it will be easier to kick off extra weight. The higher rate of metabolism will make you more energetic and will provide a better feeling. Let’s discuss the secrets for a faster metabolism.

Intake more Protein in your Meals

The metabolism rate intensifies whenever we consume food. The term is known as Thermic Effect of Food (TEF). The consumption of protein causes a rise in TEF, which is about 15% to 30% including fats and carbs. As a result, a person gets a fuller feeling even by consuming less amount of food. Indeed, it is a good way to prevent overeating.

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Consume more Cold Water

Researches signify that the resting metabolism increases about 20% to 30% for an hour if we consume 17 ounces of water. More calories are burnt if cold water is consumed. People who consume half a liter of water before every meal, lost 44% more weight as compared to people who do not.

Perform Intense Workout

Intense activities are performed in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). More fats are burnt in this process, which results in a good increase in metabolism. So, if you are interested in the significant increase in metabolism, it is recommended to go for performing the intense workout.

Lift Heavy Weights

Metabolism increases with lifting the heavy weights, because the muscles of the body are more metabolically dynamic as compared to fats. So, even while resting, the body will burn more calories. Through this, It will be easier for you to retain your muscles. Also, the drop in metabolism is prevented during the weight loss process.

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Avoid Sitting Too Much

Working while sitting on a chair is extremely bad for your health. Some of the health advisors have dubbed it “a new way of smoking”. The reason is that sitting too much causes weight gain and less calorie burning. Working while standing burns about 175 extra calories. While doing a desk job, try standing up to shorten the time of sitting on a chair. If possible, try spending on a standing desk.

Drink a lot of Green Tea

Drinking green tea increases the metabolism rate up to 4-5%. The reason is that the fats stored in the body are converted into fatty acids after consuming green tea. As a result, the fat burning process increases by 11% to 17%. Green tea has a lot of metabolism-boosting properties.

Consume more Spicy Foods

There is a unique substance present in peppers known as capsaicin, which has a lot of properties to enhance metabolism. However, there are people who do not use too much spices in their food, but a reasonable quantity of spices should be used, as it helps in increasing the rate of metabolism.

Have a Good Sleep at Night

The main cause of slower metabolism is lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation has a negative effect on the rate of metabolism, resulting in a decrease in calorie burn. It also disturbs the eating routines and hormonal balance in the body. So, it is highly recommended that at least 6-8 hours sleep should be taken to have a healthy lifestyle.

Some other ways to increase the rate of metabolism are drinking coffee and using coconut oil for cooking instead of other fatty oils.