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How High-Protein Foods Increase Metabolism?

Increase MetabolismDo you want to lose weight? The most effective way of doing so is speeding up your metabolism. It is the best way by which you can burn more calories. In order to increase metabolism, you have to eat high-protein foods. This will help you to lose some more calories and shed a few more pounds especially if it is paired with regular workouts. There is a profound effect of protein on your metabolism. Thus, people who want to increase their metabolic rate or lose weight are suggested to have high-protein meals. Maintaining a high protein diet can help you in many way to increase the metabolism and lose weight by burning the fat. Some of the effects of protein are mentioned below.

The Thermic Effect of Protein

Your body burns 10 percent of the total calories that you consume while digesting and breaking down your foods. This is call the thermic effect of food. Protein has a high thermic effect. High-protein diet forces your body to use more calories during digestion than that of the carbohydrate diet. This means that 25 – 30 calories out of 100 can be burned during the process of digestion. Thus, the act of digesting protein can boost your metabolism much more than that of the other nutrients. Even the high protein diets can make you feel full faster which will help you to eat less.

Protein Decreases Insulin Levels

One of the significant benefits of eating high protein diet is that it helps to prevent the spike of insulin. When the level of insulin increases it can lead to fat storage and high blood sugar level. But including foods with high-protein can keep your insulin level quite low. Thus, including protein in all your meals and snacks will help you to burn your fat all day long.

Decreases Cortisol

Cortisol is the stress hormone which is harmful for your health. It not only breaks down the muscle but also stops the burning of fat. In fact, it helps the body to store fat in case of emergency especially around the midsection. Thus, you should include foods that are high in protein in your diet. This will prevent the release of cortisol from the adrenal glands. So, it will help to burn the fat faster through metabolism.

Effect Of Protein On Muscle Mass And Metabolism

Increase MetabolismAnother way to increase the rate of metabolism is by increasing your muscle mass. Decreasing fat and increasing muscle mass in your body can effectively help you in burning a lot of calories. It will help you to burn more calories. Amino acids from protein are the building blocks of your body. Thus, eating more and more protein can give your body more of amino acids which will help you to increase the muscle mass. Even if your metabolism is slow in nature, increase the muscle mass can help you to increase the metabolism and burn more calories. One of the most vital contributor of your metabolism is the basal metabolic rate.

Since muscle tissues require more energy, increasing the muscle mass of your body can actually increase the basal metabolic rate. Thus, adding high-protein foods in your diet daily can help you to enhance the metabolism. Without the supply of protein, the body turns to the muscles for getting energy. But this can lead to muscle loss. Losing muscle can decrease your metabolic rate. So, it is very important to continue working out and the same time have foods that are high in protein. Also, decrease the intake of foods containing carbohydrate and fat in it.


Although high protein diet can help you to boost your metabolism, higher intake of protein only cannot help your to burn calories that significantly. Your muscle mass will increase only when you combine both protein along with regular exercise. Weight training can increase your muscle mass which can help you to significantly increase the metabolism and burn more calories. You need to consult with a professional dietician or nutritionist to make a proper diet chart for you full of high-protein foods. Along with that, you need to join a gym or start working out at your home. Thus, high protein diet can be highly beneficial if you want to lose fat and increase the muscle mass of your body. This will help you to increase the metabolism and burn more calories resulting in weight loss