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Eat More Food and Lose More Weight Review “2 Week Diet” (French Version)

2 Week Diet
Almost everyone who wishes to lose weight will go on diet. That means they will starve themselves and eat very less. Believing that the less they will eat the faster they will lose weight. But can anyone tell us how many people are successful in this technique? Do you know someone who can answer you honestly by employing this method and losing weight in few 2 week diet? We will explain you just how you can lose weight by eating more. Yes just eat healthy as much as you can and lose weight.

Do not starve yourself

Yes dieting does work. You can lose excess weight if you don’t bother being it only muscle and water. This is what everyone does. They just lose some muscles and water and then say that they have lost all the excess fat. They are able to fit into the jeans again and are very happy. After a few months what we see is they have again gained weight. This cycle is continued of losing weight and gaining it again. This method of losing weight comes with too many problems. The very first issue is you have to starve and resist yourself from eating what you love eating. This is not only bad for your health but also affects your self esteem.

Eat more to increase metabolism

Your body gets hungry for a reason. When you feel hungry that means your body needs nutrients to keep it healthy. If you don’t give your body the nutrients that it needs then the body has to suffer. It probably means that your body will start eating itself. Your body will use vital muscle tissues as the food. Muscles are one of the main parts of the body that burns calories. The more you eat healthy the more you will lose weight and also increase your metabolism. So if you are just dieting and you think you can lose weight but like this you will only make it hard for you to lose weight in future.freedownload2


Eat frequently

So how can you lose excess fat and also safeguard your muscles? Just eat more. It’s that simple. The only job you have to do is alter the frequency of your meal. Eat six to seven meals every day. The reason behind this is your body needs 3 hours to digest one meal. Once that meal is digested you need more food to get the essential nutrients. There is no drawback of this method compare to the dieting one. This technique will increase your metabolism and store it for whole day. Below we will give you a complete list on what you can eat healthy to have a good start.
Eggs: eggs are loaded with lots of nutrition. They are very easy to transport as well as easy to cook.
Beef: Beef has natural proteins, vitamin B, and creatine and can be quite dependable.
Walnuts: Walnuts contains good fiber, good fats, and are versatile. You can add a handful of walnuts to salads, shakes and grind them to make a chicken breast.
Broccoli: Broccoli has nutrients and fiber. Though you probably cannot too much broccoli.
Whey protein: Whey protein not only helps you while training sessions but also it helps you to stay full during eating sessions. It means that whey protein will help your body in burning fat while preserving the muscles that will assist you burn more calories. This is probably a great idea.
Blueberries: Blueberries contains antioxidants. This powerful berries also helps with vision, brain functions, and insulin sensitivity and is also said to be an inflammatory.
Beans: Beans are full of fiber and quite low on GI scale. Beans provide you with the carb that you need without any fatty substances. Just a small advice, start off by having a small serve and increase it gradually when your stomach gets cleared. Basically people love having red kidneys as they taste good.
Almonds: Research has proved that by adding some almonds to your diet plan you can lose more weight than people who don’t have it. Like other nuts it has good fiber and good fats in it. But this will not make you happy rather hearing that this can help you in losing weight will.
Cocoa: you can have cocoa and chocolate shakes without adding extra sugar and fats to it. Not only this cocoa has a lot of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that you cannot get from regular chocolates.