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Metabolic Cooking Program Review 

Metabolic CookingWhen it comes to the world of healthy eating and weight loss, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there, not to mention fad diet options, crash diets, and a ton of weight loss supplements to choose from. The Metabolic Cooking program by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier includes a combination of cookbooks, exercise programs and weight loss guides and other step by step pieces of information that are designed to help you to lose weight and keep it off. This program will just focus on tried and true fat loss methods that work, without all the hype.

If you’re tired of trying one fad diet after another with little to no success, or if you’re tired of yo-yo weight loss, this program is the perfect choice for you because it will teach you how to totally change your eating habits forever. And what’s even better? You’ll learn how to include some of your favorite foods in moderation so you won’t feel deprived.

Metabolic Cooking Diet Package Rundown

The main idea behind this weight loss program is what many people believe to be the key to effective weight loss, which is learning how to control your diet, how you fuel your body and learning how to make your diet work for your body.

The human body is basically a machine that needs the proper fuel in order to thrive. The body operates on preset rules. This program does a great job of teaching you how to take advantage of these rules to promote weight loss.

Whenever you consume a specific beverage or food, the body reacts in a specific, habitual and predictable way.

By learning what beverages and foods trigger a certain reaction in the body, and then hacking that behavior by consuming drinks and foods at certain times of the day in specific combinations, you’ll be able to force the body to boost your metabolism and shed excess fat without putting in any extra effort.

This is why so many bodybuilders, health experts, and nutritionists all over the world claim that weight loss all boils down to mainly nutrition with light exercise.

The backbone of this program involves a collection of different guides that are available for instant download, in addition to a collection of tips and tricks from leading weight loss and fitness experts around the world.

Each of the guides has been condensed into this complete set and allows you to focus on one specific goal: Using every advantage to get rid of fat.

While the program mainly focuses on dietary changes, you will need to do some form of light exercise such as cycling, swimming, or walking. But you won’t have to spend twelve hours at the gym each week or get rid of your favorite foods forever.

All the material in this program has been simplified and streamlined so you’ll be able to easily take in all this information and run with it.

In this package, you’ll get nine unique cookbooks that feature more than two hundred recipes in each, all of which are designed to help you lose weight faster.

You’ll also get the Fat Loss Optimizer which is a quick guide that walks you through the foundations of this program.

The Supplement Optimizer is another guide that will teach you about the best real supplements to take to speed up weight loss.

The guide called Thermo-Charged Seasoning focuses on spices, seasonings and other secret spice combinations that can add some serious flavor to your meals.

The guide Metabolicous Calorie Free Dressings provides you with the ultimate resource for creating your own dressings from scratch.

The Metabolic Salad Builder guide helps you to create your own delicious salads that contain a number of superfoods that can help you to lose weight while also building muscle.

The Quick Sheets is a cheat sheet containing all the important rules of the diet.


Metabolic Cooking Pros and Cons

meal plan ideasPros: The authors do a great job of including important resources to help you make serious changes to your day to day diet and all without having to abandon your favorite foods for good.

Even though eighty percent of the results you’ll experience on this program will be related to diet, you’ll still have a tough time giving up some of your favorite foods. The only way to get through this hurdle is to closely follow the extra guides that show you different ways to prepare healthy foods so that they’re packed with flavor.

This program will help you to completely overhaul your diet. The included outline will teach you everything you need to know about cooking, meal prepping and shopping healthy. You’ll have more than nine hundred options to add new and healthy foods to your daily diet.

There are a number of benefits that you’ll enjoy once you decide to follow the Metabolic Cooking plan, including insider information from leading fitness professionals and health experts.

You’ll have more than enough healthy recipes to choose from that can allow you to go almost three years without repeating a meal. The information guides will help you to implement all of these power foods into your diet, easily.

Cons: When it comes to drawbacks for this program, the only issue we found is that you don’t get much information in regard to creating a workout program. This program will mainly focus on dietary changes only.

Diet Program Conclusion and Rating

Overall, this program does a great job of teaching you how to properly fuel your body and make positive dietary changes for the long haul. This isn’t a fad diet that promises miracle weight loss overnight, instead, the program will teach you everything you need to know about the benefits of superfoods, organic foods, and whole foods.

This is a very motivating program that provides fast results. Consumers who have purchased the Metabolic Cooking program gave it a high rating of five out of five stars for the extensive free guides, well-rounded program information and overall effectiveness.