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Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes and Tips

fast metabolism dietThe Fast Metabolism Diet claims it can break your habit of following low-calorie diet plans that often end in cheating, or immediate weight gain once the dieter goes back to eating a diet of processed, full-fat foods. Consisting of three phases, when following the fast metabolism diet recipes, you’ll avoid foods that can cause inflammation, irritation or insulin resistance.

During the first phase, these recipes focus on consuming low amounts of protein and fats because it’s harder for the body to digest compared to carbs. For the second phase, dieters will learn how to prepare meals that the body will utilize as fuel, eating foods that encourage the body to mobilize stored energy from fat. In the third phase, the dieter’s body will begin to burn stored fat that was unlocked in the previous phase, as well as new healthy fat sources.

The key to the diet is following a nourishing diet plan that consists of recipes that leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Meal Plan Ideas for the Fast Metabolism Diet

These meal plan examples will give you a better idea of the food habit changes you’ll need to make and what you can expect in terms of diet flexibility.

The first change for most people will be eating breakfast within half an hour of waking up. This can be difficult for many people, but it’s an important habit to start and keep and one that will have your metabolism revved up. Sprouted grain bread, such as Ezekial bread, is allowed on this diet, so a couple of pieces of toast and a side of fruit can make for a satisfying, fast, morning meal.

fast metabolismYour mid-morning snack should consist of a serving of fruit.

Lunch should include a moderate portion of protein. If you’re at the office, try making this tuna salad recipe for a quick, protein-packed lunch that will give you plenty of fuel to get through the rest of your workday:

Power Lunch: Take half a can of tuna, drain the juice. Add one tablespoon of olive oil, half a tablespoon of lemon juice, some chopped onion and a teaspoon of dill. You can add pepper or a salt substitute to taste. Use the tuna salad to top a leafy green salad or make a sandwich using Ezekial bread. Bring along a side of veggies such as cut up peppers or celery.

For an afternoon snack, eat one serving of cherries.

For dinner, make lean turkey meatballs with a spicy tomato sauce and roasted Brussel sprouts on the side. Use a no-salt seasoning substitute, such as a mixture of Italian spices, sautéed garlic and a teaspoon of onion powder.

Getting Crafty in the Kitchen with the Fast Metabolism Diet

As you can see, fast metabolism diet will teach you how to create meals that consist of whole foods, healthy fats and no processed foods which can trigger digestion or inflammation issues. The diet’s author recommends following the included recipes in her book to meal prep for the week. This is a great idea for the working family and can reduce a lot of the stress that comes with having to cook for each meal.

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