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For A Fast Metabolism To Lose Weight You Need These Basic Things

Untitled Design 11fast metabolismFast metabolism in many people, think that a particular exercise routine or a super duper secret diet is the fastest way to burn excess body fat. But it isn’t just either of these two things it is a combination of three distinct components. If all people go on a diet chances are they will gain all of the weight back (plus some extra) as diet alone is not the fastest way to burn body fat.

The problem with just a diet is that it restricts calories (usually a lot of calories), and when you do this you do burn some fat, but you also burn precious muscle tissue. Losing muscle tissue is a bad thing as it is metabolically active, meaning that this highly active tissue burns fuel (calories) twenty-four hours a day just to exist. So when you restrict calories and lose muscle tissue you lower your overall metabolic rate (the rate your body burns fuel).So, to continue losing weight, you would have to continue to eat less and less which is the among main reason so many people who go on a diet are unable to sustain that weight loss. They just cannot continue to restrict their food intake that much. Add to that fact that their fast metabolism (the body’s engine) is now lowered, so fewer calories are needed to run the body’s systems.

When they start eating regularly again, they rebound and pile on the body fat at lightening speed, much faster that they did originally. And the worst bit, they are in an even worse situation than when they first started the diet. Because they lost a lot of muscle tissue while dieting and added back a lot of body fat, they now have a lower metabolism, and they look worse because they are carrying body fat and also less firm muscle tissue.

Dieting is not the way to go when looking for the fastest way to burn body fat and keep it off permanently. So then, is the cardio activity or strength training exercise the way to go? If you do cardio only like the dieting only some of the weight you lose will be muscle tissue causing all of the problems already mentioned above in the same way a diet only program would do. Steady state cardio is such a low intensity that it is unlikely to burn enough calories to chew into those fat stores. You may even gain weight doing the long slow cardio activity as the body stores fat in preparation for these endurance type sessions.

Strength training exercise is a step up from dieting or cardio for body fat loss. Why?Because with strength training, you will burn calories, but you will also keep from losing muscle tissue. This eliminates the problem of lowering your metabolism and changing your body composition (muscle/body fat ratio) negatively.You need to be aware that with strength training your body needs high-quality nutrition to support the exercise program otherwise, you will burn out very quickly. You still need to create a caloric deficit though so you can lose body fat and it is a good line between eating enough and eating too much.

So let’s put the pieces of the puzzle together. We need a proper exercise training program that includes a couple of sessions of interval training each week combined with a proper nutrition plan. The third component we talked about is probably the most important of all. It is your mindset. You need to have a strong and determined mindset if you are to achieve weight loss success long term.

Not having this positive mindset is the biggest reason most people never reach their fat loss goals and continue to struggle forever with them or even quit before they succeed. And it is the wrong mindset that prevents them from even getting started on the journey in the first place.

In Conclusion

If you want a supercharged metabolism, you have to consume enough calories to maintain it. Restricting your calories too much will cause your body to go into hibernation mode, storing up at much fat as it can while burning away your muscle for energy. Not only this but reducing your calories will make you more likely to feel hungry more often, making it easier to feel frustrated with your diet and more likely to cave in by binging. Remember, it’s not about eating more, it’s about eating smart. It’s all about balance. Don’t just go after the healthy foods. Find the foods that are both healthy and won’t make you feel hungry all the time. This will make it easier to do everything in your power to get a powerful metabolism.