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Metabolism Module 3 – Fueling Energy Systems

Module 2 explained how ATP is produced by the various energy pathways. The emphasis there was on which substrate, carbohydrate, fat, or protein, was being utilized as fuel. At rest, fats contribute over half of the total daily energy requirements for the body, while carbohydrates contribute over a third, and the rest are supplied by […]

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Module 1 – Overview of Cellular Metabolism

Metabolism refers to all the chemical processes that occur within an organism. Metabolism is what allows our bodies to break down food energy into the types of energy we need to think, repair and grow new tissues and to move our muscles. The principle that explains this big process is called The First Law of […]

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4 Herbs and Spices That Are Great for Your Health

Humans have long been using herbs and spices — not just to flavor their food, but also to support their health. Even some modern medications are derived from herbs and spices. Here are four herbs and spices that have been used for their health benefits for millennia. Rosemary Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean. It […]

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