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4 Diet Tips to Help When Drug Detoxing

If you have gotten rid of drugs from your life and have made up your mind to change your lifestyle, then you have come to the right place. Here are 4 ways that you can detox your body after drug use. With a detox diet suggestion.

Clean Eating

Drink Plenty of Water

The first step to keeping a healthy diet when detoxifying your body from drugs or alcohol is to drink a lot of water. Alcohol and stimulants, in particular, are likely to result in dehydration, so don’t skimp on the fluids when coming off of either of these. Water is a natural detoxifies. Drinking a large amount of cold water will help flush out any harmful residents in your gut as well as your bloodstream. Drinking just plain water is boring sometimes, though. Mix up your water intake by adding lemon to your water, or by drinking herbal teas.

Avoid Caffeine

The second thing to watch when detoxifying your body is to avoid drinking or eating caffeinated items. Things like coffee, black tea, and dark chocolate all contain caffeine in varying levels. Caffeine causes natural inflammation in your body as well as dehydration. These are two very important things that you don’t want to deal with on your detox diet. Stick to water, small amounts of fruit juice, and herbal tea.

Eat Clean

Another tip to staying on a healthy diet during your detox is to eat as clean as you can. Clean and healthy eating results in a boosted metabolism, better heart and brain functions, and healthy bowel movements. A healthy diet consists of eating lean meats, large amounts of vegetables, some fruit, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. Not only will these foods help clear you out, but they will also make your skin clear and boost your energy.

Avoid Added Sugar

Just like caffeine, keeping added sugar in your diet causes inflammation and dehydration. Sugar is the very first thing that your body metabolizes when you eat. In order for your body to break down fat and get rid of toxins, you need to make room for that. Cutting down on sugar includes skipping your sugar in your coffee or opting for a piece of fruit for dessert rather than a bowl of ice cream. You can have minimal amounts of natural sugar, found in foods like fruit and dairy, but there is really no need to add extra sugar while on your detox. There are even some times that people in recovery will over rely on substances like sugar, and as such can be dangerous. This only adds unwanted calories and zero nutrition to your body.

Going on drug detoxification is a difficult journey. Make sure to fuel your body properly in order to get rid of the rest of the harmful substances found in drugs. You will feel better and cleanse your body all at once.