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4 Low Calorie Treats To Help Fight The Cravings

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One of the hardest parts of staying true to your diet is avoiding the urge to mindlessly snack on unhealthy foods. This can be hard when everyone in your office is ordering takeout, or your family indulges in chocolate cake for an after-dinner dessert. To help fight the cravings, you can keep some healthy snacks on hand that fill you up, taste great, make you feel like you are not on a diet and help you fight the cravings without adding tons of extra calories to your daily allotted budget. Here are four low calorie treats ideas that will help you fight the cravings.

Air-Popped Popcorn

If you avoid all of the excess butter, oil, and salt, air-popped popcorn is actually a very healthy and low-calorie treat. Popcorn is full of dietary fiber that will help keep you full for a long time. It also helps to satisfy the crunch cravings that arise from time to time. If you sprinkle some brewer’s yeast on your popcorn, you can also enjoy adding a cheesy flavor to your popcorn. Brewer’s yeast offers a multitude of health benefits, flavor and vitamins without adding extra calories.

Hummus Or Guacamole

If you swap out your tortilla chips and cheese dip with carrots dipped in hummus or guacamole, you will save hundreds of calories per day without sacrificing flavor. Hummus is made from chickpeas and spices; guacamole is made from avocados. Both creamy treats satisfy your cravings for creamy and rich foods, and the crunch from carrots or broccoli will nurture your need for crunch.

Smoothies And Green Drinks

If you have a blender, food processor or juicer, you can make an endless array of flavorful and filling smoothies, green drinks and other health juices in less than a minute. To keep the calorie count low, mix a variety of fruits, greens, and low-calorie fruit juices together to create the perfect flavor concoction. These creamy and delicious drinks will tame your sweet tooth.

Thin-Crust Pizza

Believe it or not, when prepared correctly with low-fat cheese and healthy toppings, a thin-crust pizza can be a satisfying treat. A mushroom-prosciutto pizza is a low-calorie option that combines both carbohydrates and protein to help keep you satiated for hours.

Whether you are heading to work or out to a backyard barbecue with friends, planning and preparing your meals and snacks in advance can help you avoid temptation. Eating healthy does not have to be limiting when you choose fun and flavorful low-calorie foods.

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