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Dieting Mind Power – How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

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I am going to share with you one very powerful technique that you can use in your efforts to lose weight. You see what you mind can do when you are trying to create a new habit or change a behavior.

Now you probably already have in your mind about all the things you want to do when you lose weight and write those down in a book, including recipes that you would eat if you could only lose the weight and do whatever you want to do if you could only get rid of your extra weight.

Then once you have those written down in a well kept place, in a place that you visit often you notice a down turn of sorts which occurs when you are trying to lose weight and you are experiencing negative feelings or phases of bad feelings, such as, “I am really bad in the eating,” “I have no willpower to even think of going on a diet.” “No one’s going to like me if I am heavier,” “I hate the thought of losing weight.” “Who is going to love me if I don’t lose weight?”

More often than not when you experience negative feelings when you are trying to lose weight you are activating a mind that says: “Here we go again, this time we fight and we don’t lose!”

This can be very motivating to your diet but what if there was a way you could use the power of your mind to help yourself lose weight.

First you want to do some affirmations, these are statements you repeat to yourself continually so that your brain considers them true statements and not just mere slogans.

So you know that you want to eat right and lose weight, what you want to eat and what you will change to do, initially you want to replace the negative feelings, thoughts and emotions with a desire for eating right and doing what you ultimately want to do which is lose weight right?

Your mind will take whatever you say and make it happen.

The second part is how you say your affirmations. Different people and bodies are more susceptible to some statements and they have personal associations to them.

For example says a body builder, they typically gain a lot of weight after their body builder’s time of year is up. This is because they are working out and eating well but they neglect their diet and the common holiday season comes and goes with a vengeance. After the season is over, they pant a little on their own.

So they make it a point to say there will be no working out after a certain date because they want to be thinner for next year. This is a goal they take quite seriously so that they work at avoiding the gym or avoiding eating healthy. We call thiscapsReference, because you want to make all of the right commitments, but you can see from the above example that the problem was that the body builder associated being over weight with excess fat.

Then we also have someone saying that they will really like working out because they want muscles. This is a goal they have for physical activity, but it’s not something they really relate to because they don’t like working out.

You can see that if you don’t know what you want to feel when you lose weight that you will not be able to motivate yourself to do whatever it is that will lead to weight loss and weight management.

You have to get your heart going, you have to think of yourself in the shape you want to be and then you will find you can do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Your goal must be about you!