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Relation Between Sugary Drinks and Your Metabolism Rate

If you’re probably wondering why you’ve been on a weight gain spree of late, it’s simply because of your sugary drinks. But you are a healthy eater with an affinity towards lean proteins? That doesn’t matter, most smart consumers are actually filling their diets with fish, plant or lean meat to supplement their protein requirement and reap the benefits provided by macronutrients.
What most aren’t aware about is that a combination of sugary beverage and protein rich meal usually doesn’t work out well on your overall metabolism.

What science says about sugar sweetened drinks?

Findings from a published study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed the truth about how sugary drinks impact metabolism which eventually lead to weight gain and other related risk factors. The research findings warn people when it comes to consuming sugary drinks during meals or anytime during the day, and especially if your diet is majorly concentrated on proteins for healthy living.

How sugar sweetened drinks affect your metabolism

An increased protein intake comes with plenty of benefits, including increased satiety, metabolism and eventually decreased intake of energy foods. Protein rich diets will leave you feeling full and take away those cravings for an extra snack. But when sugar sweetened drinks are in the picture, rate of metabolism is affected tremendously.
Sugar sweetened drinks actually decrease the use of fats as well as thermogenesis diets. Fat use by the body is reduced by up to 40 percent. In the course of a day, if you happen to take a sweetened drink, your body will only use up to 80 out of the 120 kcals offered by the drink. That creates an excess of 40 kcals, regardless of the protein content of your meal.

What are the risk factors of reduced metabolism?

When there is a surplus, which the body cannot metabolize, the fats get stored in various parts of the body, including the liver. The result is an increased cluster of various risk factors, generally referred to as metabolic syndrome which increase risks of developing diabetes, heart diseases, stroke as reported by Hormone Health Network.
Risk factors of a reduced metabolism include developing abdominal obesity, increased levels triglycerides in the blood, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Several studies have also revealed that just 2 servings of the sugar sweetened drinks per week is enough to increase chances of contracting type 2 diabetes. More studies have also revealed that at least a single serving of sugar sweetened drink a day is associated with an increased blood pressure.

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How can you cut down on sugar sweetened drinks?

It’s not easy to break an old habit. Consumption of sugar sweetened drinks such as soda and juices has been around for ages. Kids are introduced into the habit each day. But research throughout continue to find even more reasons for us to cut down or do away with the consumption for good. This post sheds light to the various researches available and adds more weight on why sugary drinks are not good for your health.
Simply try to reduce your intake of sugar drinks each day and monitor the results on your daily life. Don’t be surprised that you will be finding sleep much easily, cutting down weight so fast, and feeling satiated and energized.