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What is a Maximized Fat Burning System? Melt Away Those Pounds!

Fat Burning

What is a maximized fat burning system? It’s a weight loss program designed to maximize your weight loss in the least amount of time. This program will first teach you a dieting method called “calorie shifting”. This revolves around slowly changing and mixing the amount of calories you eat in each meal. This Ensures your body can begin burning fat as it is introduced. This diet should be done for approximately four weeks. You will have to eat four meals, including two small snacks in between meals.

Now for the exercise portion of this Maximized Fat Burning System. You will be participating in three different exercise routines, two of them being resistance exercises and one being an aerobic workout. Resistance routines consist of lifting weights. The purpose of this is to build muscle, bone density, and keep your metabolism higher. Resistance exercises also help increase your flexibility. Aerobic exercises are ideal for burning fat. Your workout routine will include jogging, brisk walking, running, or using a elliptical trainer. You will alternate between the two for 45 minutes.

How does this Maximized Fat Burning System work? It’s very simple. Each day you will be eating a different amount of calories, whether it be 1200 calories or 800 calories. This is intended to confuse your body’s metabolism. Part of your body’s metabolism is to assist in burning fat. By eating different amounts of calories each day, your body can be stimulated to burn that excess fat which your body does not need. Each week you will vary your calorie intake, some days eating nothing, other days eating 1200 calories.

In the beginning of week four, you are only allowed to eat 800 calories in a day. By the end of the fortnight you are allowed to eat 1400 calories at breakfast, 1000 at lunchtime, and 800 at dinner. It’s vital not to take in too many carbohydrates. You should focus on eating whole grain foods and both fruits and vegetables.

Drinking plenty of water is also important during this program. You can kill your starvation by eating a couple of small chocolate bars to curb your hunger pangs. Stay away from alcohol, in fact try doing this along with dieting, you’ll lose weight quicker and easier and will feel better about yourself.

Now to the diet portion of this Maximized Fat Burning System. During the first two weeks for as little as five days you will need to use a calorie shifting method to help your body lose weight. What this does is manipulate your metabolism to run at a higher rate causing you to burn more fat. After the first two weeks you will need to rotate your eating patterns to ensure a continuous weight loss.

To make sure your body is opted in to burning fat, software generated meal plans are included in the package. You can receive these meal plans in the form of a 7 day diet generator or a printable menu. The eat however much you want to eat within the allowed times. Sustained weight loss is key when using this program.

The other critical piece of information for this program is to drink loads of water. About two liters a day is recommended