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Why Tea Might be the Best Thing You Can Add to Your Diet

Everyone has dieting tips and suggestions. Whether you are trying to boost your metabolism to lose weight, increase your health just to feel better or a little bit of both, you would be shocked by the number of suggestions you will get. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask for them! Of all of the tips, hints, and suggestions you could ever get, adding tea is one of the best.

Tea is the Perfect Diet Drink


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Tea of any kind is nearly perfect. You can drink it hot or cold. You can make your own personal blends from different types of tea. You can add medicine or supplements to tea to make it even healthier. As long as you brew it correctly, there is no wrong way to enjoy your tea. For instance, green and white teas should never be boiled because it will ruin their delicate flavors and make them bitter. Through experimentation, you will find which drinks work best for your palate.

Tea for Health

Every tea whether it made from actual tea leaves or an herbal tea made from something else has some health benefits. Green tea has become so popular because it is proven to boost the metabolism. Chamomile tea which is brewed from lovely, daisy-like flowers, is used to help relax and calm. Dandelion tea which can be made from various parts of the “weed” that plagues our lawns is good for health concerns. Tea made from the root is good for the liver as an example.

Even your basic orange pekoe tea has its benefits. If you are taking certain supplements and just can’t seem to tolerate them, you can stir them into your drink to disguise the flavor. This may not work with mildly flavored teas, but strong and bold varieties with a lot of citrus or cinnamon may be perfect for this.

Tea for Beauty


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Did you know that tea can be used as a beauty treatment as well? Chamomile and hibiscus teas are often used as hair rinses because they can add subtle color or brighten existing tone. Tea can be made into masks for the face and the body to combat things like cellulite or acne. You can even use tea to help heal a bruise faster.

Tea can be added to virtually any balanced diet and fit right in perfectly, and there are many options for how you could add tea to your daily menu. For more benefits of tea and other healthy tips, check out our other articles!