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5 Ways to Optimize Family Meals for Healthy Weight Management

Healthy Weight

Looking for ways the entire family can eat healthier meals? Parents who promote healthy weight management are less likely to have children who have weight issues. Optimizing family meals can help everyone in the family get to a healthy weight and stay there. Here are five ways you can make your family meals healthier:

Cut Down on Carbs

Instead of tapping into reserves of fat for fuel, the body gets going with every dose of carbs you eat. Cutting down on the number of carbs you have will force the body to turn to its fat cells for fuel, which in turn lowers your weight. Cut out white bread and rice for starts. Choose eggs over danishes. Go for lower carb vegetables and protein instead.

Cut Out the Sugar

Sugar is a carbohydrate. Why does it have its own section? The answer is simple. Sugar is hidden in places you don’t think about. Check processed food packages and you will be surprised at how much sugar is in a jar of simple spaghetti sauce. Cutting out sugar means cutting out most processed foods and cooking from scratch. Instead opt to sweeten your meals with something like organic raw honey instead (just make sure not to give it to your infant).

Promote Healthy Outdoor Activities

What does outside activity have to do with healthy family meals? Playing outside promotes a healthy appetite. Eating a good meal full of nutritious food is better than getting hungry later and grabbing an unhealthy snack. Exercise also helps burn excess calories and reduce a person’s weight naturally. Just make sure to have your kids wash your hands before dinner!

Drink Plenty of Water

Simply put, humans cannot live without water. Water is essential for healthy cell function. The body uses it to regulate its temperature and to transport nutrients through the body. Make water the drink of choice at every meal for everyone in the family. Serve foods which contain high levels of water, including citrus, peaches, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, skim milk, and cucumber. If you have some trouble doing this, turn to another healthy option: tea. Depending on the type that you prefer, tea can help with sleep or help quicken your metabolism.

Choose Healthy Oils

Cooking oils are not all created equal. Some are healthier than others; olive oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil have all been shown to have health benefits. Choose plant oils instead of oils containing animal fat. Use healthy oils like coconut or olive oil for everything from dressing salads to deep frying potatoes. One major benefit of using these oils is that they don’t break down into free radicals when exposed to high heat, making them safe choices for most types of cooking.

Adopting one or more of these eating tips will help you optimize your family meals. Remember a bit of planning and thought before going to the store or making a meal will make everyone healthier and happier.